How to Join

Air Ambulance Regular Lottery

Each chance costs £1 per week and you are allocated a unique membership number. Your unique membership number is entered into the weekly draw, which takes place every Wednesday, when our system randomly selects 12 weekly winners.
Weekly Prizes
1st Prize: £1000
2nd Prize: £250
10 further prizes of £25 each

Air Ambulance £25,000 Superdraw

To join our Superdraw, you must first join our Regular Lottery. Each chance in the Superdraw costs just an additional £1 per week. We will allocate you four unique numbers within the range of 1-36.

Every Wednesday, our system randomly selects four numbers within the range of 1-36, and if there is no complete match to a member, the jackpot fund will roll over to the following week. If the jackpot fund reaches £25,000, multiple draws will be made until there is a complete match. When this happens, one member will win £25,000 - a life changing amount!

Please click here to read our Full Rules.

How to Join

Each chance in each lottery costs £1 per week

You can pay:
  • By Direct Debit through your bank
  • By Cheque (suggested minimum 13 weeks)
  • By Debit / Credit Card - please call 01622 833833

Upon joining, each member receives a membership number (and Superdraw numbers if applicable), and an air ambulance car sticker.

If you have any queries, or require any assistance completing the membership form, please call the Air Ambulance Lottery office on 01622 833833

We have door to door representatives who promote our lottery across Kent, Surrey and Sussex, click here to view our list.

To join, please download and print the form below. Fill in the details and post to:


Nigel Barclay

“If it wasn’t for the treatment I received at the scene of my accident, and the fast transportation to a London hospital, I would not be here today....”

Family man...

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