Daisy's Story

My name is Dr Kevin Enright and I am a Specialist Doctor with the Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance. Last year, the support of the public enabled us to bring life-saving care to Daisy – a 2 year old little girl who was involved in a serious incident with a horse.

The air ambulance was dispatched to the scene of Daisy’s incident and when the call came through, we were informed that a young girl had been kicked by a horse. Immediately this was very concerning as potentially the injuries sustained by Daisy, for a child of her age, could be very serious. When Critical Care Paramedic Richard Crabb and I arrived at the scene, we assessed Daisy’s condition and were particularly concerned about the extent of her head injury. She had a deep wound on her forehead and we suspected internal bleeding and a skull fracture, both of which were confirmed later in hospital.

We made the decision to airlift Daisy to St. George’s Hospital in London – the hospital that could best care for her immediate needs. We alerted their trauma team so that they could prepare for her arrival. Whilst still at the scene, our priority was to stabilise Daisy’s condition in preparation for the flight as she was stressed and in pain. We provided her with pain relief through a drip, and sedated her to ensure she remained calm whilst in the helicopter.

Upon arrival, I carried Daisy from the helipad directly into the emergency department and conducted a handover to the trauma team, so that they could take over her care. Daisy has made an excellent recovery and I was delighted to see her when she visited the air ambulance base recently with her mum, dad and baby sister. It was lovely to see her happy and lively, unlike the day I first met her. Her story is a wonderful
example of how the medical treatment we can perform at the scene of serious incidents, can truly make a difference.

The real life-savers of course, are the people who help to ensure that we can continue our important work – people like yourself. It is without doubt that the medical team I work with here at the charity would simply not be able to carry out such life-saving work without your support.

Thank you once again.

Dr Kevin Enright
Specialist Doctor
Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance

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