How your donations help



Could buy you a small bottle of fizzy pop
Could buy us a sheet of bubble wrap to keep a patient warm. 


Could buy a push bike
Could buy us a protective Road Traffic Collision (RTC) helmet, used by our crews inside crashed vehicles.


Could buy you two train tickets to Paris
Could buy us a new kit-bag (they last around 3 years).


Could buy you a 50” Plasma Television
Could pay for a medical training course for either a Doctor or a Paramedic.


Could buy you a return flight to Australia
Could pay for an aviation training course for a Doctor
or Paramedic.


Could buy you a hot tub
Could pay for a potentially life-saving mission

John Sheard

Vintage car enthusiast John Sheard had been to an auction preview at the Goodwood Festival of Speed and was on his way home.

As he rounded a bend on the A285...

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